Booster pump

Booster Pump คืออะไร

Today’s Hrr article let’s talk about the Booster Pump

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Booster Pump commonly known as simply, is a water pump which this pump 

It has the ability to be useful in controlling and maintaining the pressure in the system

to prevent the pressure of the water in the system underestimated 

There is a device that helps to observe the pressure switch which is responsible for controlling the work

On the topic of working principle of Booster Pump

When the pressure in the system is lower than the set point Pressure Switch No.1 (High Pressure), connect the circuit to Start and the 1st pump will work until the pressure increases until the point that we set the Pressure Switch No.1 to the point Stop thus stopping the pump operation and next time when the pressure drops 

The second pump will be the first to work and as in the case of the 1st or 2nd pump only works But it uses a lot of waterThe pressure in the system will decrease

to the Start point of Pressure Switch No 2 (Low Pressure)

The empty pump will work to help, so it works simultaneously with 2 units When the pressure increases to the Stop point the Pressure Switch No 2 Water pumps

that work later will stop 1 first and reach the Stop point of Pressure Switch No.1 will stop 1 more

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