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This article is a special article that HRR would like to present to customers or interested parties who want to know information about fire pump work Or what is heard in the ear is fire pump What is fire pump? Let’s follow together in this article.

Today we would like to pick up an example about Fire Pump Motor (Fire Pump Motor) as an example article to be used as a component in the decision of many people to make this article can bring benefits and provide the most information Fire Pump Motor (Fire Pump Motor) End Suction Centrifugal Pump that until it becomes 1 machine what do you need? Let’s read.

Alright! Let’s get started Let’s see what are the components of the machine.

Pump End Suction

This type of pump has a different tubular design than conventional pumps The motor is mounted on top and the pump flange is placed at the same height as the center line The pump impeller is attached to the motor shaft and has a cantilever in the pump casing This type of pump does not require hydraulic balance for water entering the centrifugal region of the pump But there are bearings to support the vibration in operation.

Pressure relief valve (Main Relief Valve)

Pressure relief valve (Main Relief Valve) This valve is an important device in the fire fighting system. It is installed to drain excess pressure from the water supply system. Make the water pressure in the pipes always be normal. Although the fire pump is still working.

The fire pump will cause the pressurized water to enter the pipeline system to be too high to the point of opening of the water pressure relief valve Excess pressure is released from the system through this valve until the pump is stopped Adjusting the pressure valve opening point Performed by setting the pressure slightly higher than the normal pressure within the system (Static Keeping Pressure), that is, higher than about 2-5 PSI, for example, the required system pressure is 100 PSI, the vent valve should be 102-105 PSI.

More information on the Main Relief Valve can be found at this link –

Air release valve (Automatic Air release valve)

Air release valve (Automatic Air release valve) working principle has a floating ball. Which is connected to the mechanism for opening and closing the valve to vent air, in addition to acting as air vent, can also act as a vacuum breaker in the system as well.

Air release valve
Air release valve

Water flow meter (Flow Meter)

Used to measure the flow rate of water coming from the operation of fire pumps.


Fire Pump Motor Controller

The motor fire pump control cabinet is intended for starting and monitoring the fire pump. The control cabinet must be close to the engine or motor being controlled. And must be in the visible distance. There are 2 systems: Manual (manual control) – Auto (automatic)


Pressurized water pump (Jockey Pump)

Jockey Pump is a small pump that keeps the water pressure in the system at the desired level always. Because if there is no Jockey Pump, when the pressure in the system decreases, it will cause Fire Pump to work, which is a waste of Jockey Pump driven by Motor, working 2 systems, which are Automatic and Manual (you can read more information in this article.


Jockey Pump Controller

The pressure-keeping pump controller is intended for starting and monitoring the pressure-keeping pump The control cabinet must be close to the engine or motor being controlled and must be within sight There are 2 methods of operation of the cabinet: 1. Manual (manual control) 2. Auto (automatic)


How are you? From all the above articles that HRR has written all the descriptions This time we would like to summarize all the information for everyone to know that the working principle of fire pump this machine how do you work.

Working principle of fire pump Motor-driven fire water pump will pump water into the fire hose system that walks through various points within the building or factory which is ready to use the pressure of water inside the pipe all the time When water is used for fire fighting or it is necessary to use water pressure. when the water is turned on 

The water pressure in the system is reduced to the point that is set for the machine to work (Cut In) pressure switch (Pressure Switch) In the control cabinet will send a signal to the pump to work by ordering the pump to maintain the pressure (Jockey Pump) to work before until it drops to the set value for the machine

to stop working (Cut Out) Pressure Switch (Pressure Switch) ) of the pump maintains pressure (Jockey Pump) will stop working automatically But if the pressure in the system continues to decrease Due to the constant use of water the pressure switch in the main control cabinet (Main Controller)

will order the fire pump (Fire Pump) to work and pump water into the system to increase the water pressure. in the system until the pressure in the system stabilizes The excess pressure will be released through the pressure relief valve (Main Relief Valve) and to stop the fire pump The stop button must be pressed at the main control cabinet The fire pump will stop working. And it’s ready to work again when the pressure drops again.

From the information we have written the author hopes will get complete information From this article, if this article is useful enough. Everyone can share it with each other HRR is happy or if any information is wrong The author also apologizes.

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