Fire pump horizontal split case

Fire pump horizontal split case is suitable for small pumping volumes. Pumping a lot (500-5000 GPM) and should choose to use the water level in The pond is just a machine… Install a priming tank The pump piston can pump water

This horizontal split case pump can open the top casing for easy repair and maintenance without having to reverse the power unit because the suction and delivery sides of this pump are designed to be sideways and are straight. cross each other

The main components of the pump

เครื่องสูบน้ำดับเพลิงแนวนอน (fire pump horizontal split case)

  • Casing made of cast iron working pressure on bars, can open the top cover. To repair and maintain the pump easily
  • Bearing (Bearing) is a Ball Bearing, there are two sets on the head and end of the pump 
  • Seal. This type of fire pump has two packing seals at the head and rear of the pump

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