Fire Pump

Fire pump Use inside the building or industrial plant is an importer assembler and distributor

fire pump
fire pump HRR

The fire pum p (Fire Pum p) driven by the engine will pum p water into the fire hose system that walks along various points Inside the building or factory which is ready to use the pressure of water in the pipe at any time When water is used for firefighting or there is any need for water pressure When the water is turned on the water pressure in the pipes is reduced to the point set in the machine The pressure switch in the control cabinet is a receiver that commands the pum p to work

The pressure switch of the pressure pum p will stop automatically But if the pressure in the system continues to decrease due to the constant use of water The pressure switch in the main control cabinet directs the fire pump to pum p water into the piping system to increase water pressure until the pressure in the system stabilizes The excess pressure will be released through the pressure relief valve (Main Relief Valve) And to stop the fire pump, the stop button must be pressed at the main control cabinet  So it can stop working and ready to work next time When the pressure of the water in the pipe decreases again.

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