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It Has Started! Fuel Tank Promotion

H.Pattanarungruang Co., Ltd. is a specialist in the design and manufacture of pressure tanks ” Pressure Tank-Pressure Diaphragm Tank of all sizes under the Hydroline brand” and selling fire pumps. Fire pump, fire pump (Fire Pump), pressure water pump (Booster Pump), pump up high buildings (Transfer Pump), electrical control cabinet system and is a factory to assemble the base of the engine driven fire pump and motors of all sizes organize a heavy discount promotion for Fuel Tank to return profits to all customers. Have fun shopping with no minimums products meet production standards and inspected by experts. Ready to have after-sales service, question-answer from staff, products from Hrr, quality is guaranteed. make customers interested Always taken care of by a team of experts.

H. Pattanarungruang Co., Ltd. Specialists in the design and manufacture of pressure tanks Pressure Diaphragm Tank Fuel Tank brand Hydroline ” Asia’s leading With a quality management system certified by ISO 9001 : 2015 Control production and product development to have the standards to be recognized internationally ,Import quality products according to international standards so that customers can buy products at suitable prices ,Service development : Take care of customers from start to end so that customers are satisfied with the quality of products and services ,Orders – We have the team to take care and give advice on suitable products , Shipping – We have full logistics system for customers to receive products quickly and completely ,After-sales service – We have an expert service team who ready to take care of consulting and solving problems directly , We develop employees sustainable and effective with the growth of the company ( HRR Product )

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