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Pressure Diaphragm Tank

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with quality that Hrr wants to tell you about!! The most of the products that we would like to offer the most Pressure Diaphragm Tank from Hydroline The most high quality diaphragm tank by we have a team of experts in design With a lot of experience and is a production control in every step from the design and delivery of the product to the destination by pressure tanks that are machined with stainless steel (Stainless Steel) 304 and 316 to meet the needs of Make your use easier H.Pattanarungruang We have many different sizes of diaphragm tanks for all customers can worry about About usable space and quality of “Hydroline” pressure tanks

Pressure tank made of Stainless Steel, inside with rubber Diaphragm filling that we have controlled production From the factory directly, the quality of the Diaphragm rubber filling is tough, flexible, not easily damaged and inside the pressure tank will be inflated into the pressure tank and a team of experts pressure must be checked In order to start the pump, how many bars to start and how many bars to cut off, most of them are based on the Start pressure and will set the pressure in the tank to be less than 3-5 PSI under supervision and control The production that meets this standard, the company

H. Pattanarungruang Co., Ltd. therefore produces pressure tanks that are standard and quality to make an answer with the most current customer needs And we are also experts in the design and manufacture of pressure tanks under the brand ”Hydroline solely” Besides producing standard products, we also have a price that is friendly to customers and customers can be assured that the quality of the products Value for money, of course, and we are the leading manufacturer in Asia with quality management system In order to operate the business efficiently and in accordance with ISO 9001 : 2015 standards

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