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Quality pressure tanks from the brand Varem shipped directly from Italy, we imported especially for you with the quality and reputation of the Varem brand that exist today it is still a brand that many consumers want

As we all know Varem brand pressure tanks are in high demand in the market therefore we continue to import Varem brand continuously and sold to consumers at an affordable price because we understand in the current economic situation we have a policy give something special to every customer have spent the product at an economical price plus it’s good quality and durable


If you need these extras just be ready to unleash the sensitivity in you and contact us now because we have every size you need and also have excellent after-sales service for you get the most comfortable

H. Pattanarungruang Co., Ltd. therefore produces pressure tanks that are standard and quality to make an answer with the most current customer needs And we are also experts in the design and manufacture of pressure tanks under the brand ”Hydroline solely” Besides producing standard products, we also have a price that is friendly to customers and customers can be assured that the quality of the products Value for money, of course, and we are the leading manufacturer in Asia with quality management system In order to operate the business efficiently and in accordance with ISO 9001 : 2015 standards

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