Installation of Fire Pump system

งานติดตั้ง ระบบ Fire Pump

Installation of Fire Pump system is important to consumers, how? Why? Why in different places? to be present in that area

Because the Fire Pump or fire pump It is the key to extinguishing fires that occur in various buildings Many times there have been fires in building and then the fire pump

cannot be used due to lack of maintenance 

But the pump Fire extinguishers will be able to work effectively there are other important factors such as

  • Installing the fire pump in the proper position
  • Installing pipes with correct equipment
  • Knowing the functions, components and how to maintain and maintain fire pumps
งานติดตั้ง ระบบ Fire Pump
งานติดตั้ง ระบบ Fire Pump

In this regard, H.Pattanarungruang Co., Ltd. has written this article for consumers Understand what Fire Pump is and why most consumers to choose to use our services because there are many consumers who want to use Fire Pump fire pump

for use in the place for safety and can be installed has met the international standards that are set first of all Let’s talk about Location that consumers should understand first Topic Location of fire pumps In order

for the fire pump and the pressurized water pump (Jockey pump) to work efficiently efficiency and long service life should be installed in an ideal environment as close to the water reservoir as possible placed on a concrete platform that is stable and strong There is a roof to protect from the sun and rain The installation location of the fire pump unit within the pump room should be located in the inspection and maintenance location Easy to maintain or repair Because fire pump sets are usually large and heavy The installation design of the fire pump set should be close to The entrance-exit door of the pump room To make it easier to remove and move when the fire pump needs to be repaired to another location and should have equipment to facilitate repair and maintenance or for moving Let’s talk about the topic Installation and installation of pipes with equipment in the correct way HRR would like to clarify it in the picture that the correct system operation international standard eye how do they do You can see from the picture below.

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