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Pumps Maintain Pressure Jockey Pump Functions and Elements from the Syncroflo brand What can this thing do? There is an answer for you H Pattanarungruang Co., Ltd.

Let’s talk about how it works and its style Pressure stabilized pumps from the Syncroflo brand the pump system from SyncroFlo is a capable brand and very important in the matter of Providing the power to work in different systems which makes customers satisfied As the brand proves that It is the brand with the highest quality This time let’s talk about the look of the Jockey Pump which this pump looks like will have a small size but gives a lot of energy and serves to maintain water pressure in the system to always be at the desired level Because if there is no Jockey Pump when the pressure in the system decreases it will cause the Fire Pump to work harder and waste too much energy because the JockeyPump can be driven by Motor which has 2 systems working principle: Automatic and Manual

jocky pump

1 Automatic

controlled by a pressure switch (Pressure Switch) as with a FirePump by connecting the Sensing Line separately from the fire pump It is a system to maintain the water pressure level within the system Therefore the Start point (Cut In) must be set to work before the fire pump and while the pump is running May cause water pressure Increased quickly will cause the pressure switch (Pressure Switch) to stop working too quickly (the cause may be caused by the Start / Stop setting of the Pressure Switch is too low) so in the circuit there is a delay device called “Minimum Period Timer”

jocky pump

2 Manual

Jockey Pump : operation of this system Will not pass the control of the Pressure Switch will work and stop working by using the operator to press the button to work and stop working and in this regard H.Pattanarungruang Co., Ltd., we have assessed In terms of design and confirmation of suitability for use that the price and offer are the best and we certify the standard maintenance with a special technical support team with expertise ready to take care of the work To be complete and if when it comes to maintenance can also supply spare parts or as spare parts The SyncroFlo brand

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