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What is a Mobile Trailer or a mobile water pump and where does its intended use begin? Today, Hrr always has the answer for you!

from various situations for which reason it is necessary to use Mobile Pump Mobile Trailer and may cause you to worry about the correct use. and maintenance or find a way to be able to extend the service life How can Mobil e Traile r mobile pumps last long? Today, Hrr gathers all your questions, all in one place.

mobile triiler
mobile triiler

First let’s talk about the composition. What’s in a mobile water pump?

  1. fuel tank For filling diesel fuel according to the size of the engine
  2. pump Pumps according to models and user specifications can be set engine control panel
  3. battery
  4. heat sink It is a water cooling boiler with cooling fan blowing out of the engine
  5. intake

The composition of the machine will be approximately like this The specification can be customized by the customer or inquire with us in matters of suitability or the intended use We can advise you.

Mobile pump applications How do they use it? Towed water pump Centrifugal Pump Type drive by engine start with key after installation Drain pipe that goes into the pump before starting the engine We should do the following

  1. Make sure the battery is ready for use Both insert the battery terminals correctly
  2. Check the water level in the radiator
  3. Check the fuel level in the fuel storage tank
  4. check engine oil level
  5. Check the suction pipe. and pump housing whether there is oil or not; if not, before starting the engine for the first time Always check the filling of water
  6. Check valve supply side is in open position. After checking the details above Can start with the key immediately in case the engine is running No water coming out of the pipeline to turn off the engine and fill the water through the suction pipe and pump housing

come together The display screen on the control panel in the display screen in various positions what’s that

  1. Engine RPM display 
  2. oil pressure display screen
  3. Engine temperature display
  4. Breaker
  5. idle switch
  6. Low Hight Temp Over Speed Engine Run lamp
  7. adjust the machine
  8. start the key
  9. Battery voltage display
  10. Working hours display

Maintenance of the pumping system to ensure the operation of the pump Must check for orderliness in the following sections

  1. The ignition switch should always be ready for work
  2. Check the battery’s distilled water level
  3. Check the water level in the boiler. of the engine not lower than Low Level
  4. Check engine cooling system
  5. fuel check by having fuel not less than 70% of the fuel tank
  6. Check the oil level inside the engine
  7. Check the engine’s exhaust system
  8. Check the changes of various devices of the pump system and make corrections immediately

H.Pattanarungruang Co., Ltd. is a specialist in the design and manufacture of pressure tanks ”Hydroline solely” and sells fire pumps (Fire Pump), booster pumps, water pumps. High-rise buildings (Transfer Pump), electrical control cabinet system and is a factory to assemble the base of the engine driven fire pump and motors of all sizes We are therefore the leading manufacturing leader in Asia. Recognizing the importance of Customer care service In this content, we would like to take care of all customers by sharing care information. Maintenance of mobile pumps Mobile Trailer that will make the operation no longer interrupted.

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