Pressure Diaphragm Tank

Pressure Diaphragm Tank

Good item, good quality, I want to tell you more!! Pressure Diaphragm Tank Hrr from Hydroline, the best quality diaphragm tank, formed with stainless steel 304 and 316 to make it easier to meet your needs

H.Phatthanarungruang We have a wide variety of diaphragm tanks. Don’t worry about your space.

all your problems no matter how hard I just want you to think of us We are ready to fix the problem for you With a team of highly experienced experts “Just you come, we are ready to take care of you” H.Pattanarungruang Co., Ltd. is a specialist in the design and manufacture of pressure tanks ”Hydroline solely” and selling fire pumps (FirePump), pressure pump (BoosterPump), pumping water up high buildings (TransferPump), electric control cabinet system and is a factory to assemble the base of the engine driven fire pump And motors of all sizes, besides producing standard products, we also have a price that is friendly to customers and customers can be assured that the quality of the product is definitely worth the price, and therefore we are the leading manufacturer in Asia with quality management system In order to operate the business efficiently and in accordance with ISO 9001 : 2015 standards Products from Hrr have a quality guarantee to make all interested customers been taken care of all the time from a team of experts We are therefore the leading manufacturing leader in Asia. with quality management system to make business Effectively and in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, the company has set the quality policy as follows


Control the production and develop products to meet the standards To be accepted internationally


Import quality products according to international standards for customers to buy products at an affordable price


service development care about customers from start to finish for customers to be satisfied in the quality of products and services ordering There is a team to take care of ready to give advice on suitable products Shipping Focusing on a full logistics system for customers Receive products quickly and completely with after-sales service from the experts ready to take care of consulting as well as solving problems on point develop personnel to be effective continuously to be in line with the company’s growth rate

If customers want to inquire Information about the product Pressure Diaphragm Tank or other products every customer You can ask questions through the system and contact channels. We have staff waiting to answer and suggest you to get the most information.

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