Service HRR

บริการหลังการขาย Service ฮ.พัฒนารุ่งเรือง

No matter what repairs we are happy to “help you” Service HRR

Every question, every question that can’t be solved if you need help You can always contact us. The best after-sales service from HRR. Stuck problems that can’t be repaired, including fire pumps. Fire pump, fire pump, just you trust us, we are willing to do it for you.
H.Pattanarungruang Co., Ltd. is a specialist in the design and manufacture of pressure tanks ”Hydroline solely” and sells fire pumps (Fire Pump), booster pumps, water pumps High-rise buildings (Transfer Pump), electrical control cabinet system and is a factory to assemble the base of the engine driven fire pump and motors of all sizes.

We accept every request. in helping customers with after-sales service Because the need to use the product must be understood We will help make your daily life easier and more convenient.